Upward Bound

TRiO Upward Bound is an educational student assistance program funded through the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of Upward Bound is to help students acquire the skills and motivation necessary to succeed in high school and in education beyond high school. The three major objectives of the program are:

  • Improve Academic Preparation
  • Improve Self-Concepts
  • Increase Post-Secondary Enrollment


Students must be enrolled in grades 9th - 11th at:

Capitol Hill High School

Principal - Alex Souza absouza@okcps.org
Counselor - Linda Sexton
Counselor - Ashlie Wagner awagner@okcps.org
Counselor - Geneva Meely gmmeely@okcps.org
Counselor - Debra Crawford dacrawford@okcps.org

U.S. Grant High School

Principal - Tami Sanders tlsanders@okcps.org
Counselor - Marlene Schmidt cmschmidt@okcps.org

Moore High School

Principal - Mike Coyle mikecoyle@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Maurisa Afante maurisaafante@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Janet Anderson janetanderson@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Sherrie Brauer sharonbrauer@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Nicole Wilson nicolewilson@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Beverly Womack beverlywomack@mooreschools.com

Pathways Middle College High School

Principal - Carol Brogan cbrogan@occc.edu
Counselor - Charles Albritton  

Southeast High School

Principal - Pat Borelli jpborelli@okcps.org
Counselor - Evon Finklea esfinklea@okcps.org
Counselor - Kylle Kersten klkersten@okcps.org
Counselor - Rhonda McGuire rlmcguire@okcps.org

Southmoore High School

Principal - Roy Smith roysmith@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Kristie Clayton kristieclayton@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Raquel Crain brendacrain@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Jeannie Delancey jeanniedelancey@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Lisa Shubert lisashubert@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Amanda Sykes amandasykes@mooreschools.com

Westmoore High School

Principal - Mark Hunt markhunt@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Carole Carter carolecarter@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Vicki Coker vickicoker@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Diane Dragg dianedragg@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Karrie Freeman karriefreeman@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Kristy Hernandez kristyhernandez@mooreschools.com
Counselor - Aimee Rook aimeerook@mooreschools.com

Students must be between the ages of 13 - 19


Students must:

  • meet income criteria and/or,
  • first generation post-secondary student.

Additional guidelines to look for are students who may have:

  • average to high-standardized test scores yet have low grades,
  • frequent absenteeism,
  • external factors that historically contribute to high drop-out rates


The program is designed to offer:

  • Monthly academic, career and personal counseling -- both individual and in small groups (5-15).
  • Tutoring will be available to students needing academic improvement. A minimum of two (2) hours per week must be devoted to tutoring sessions.
  • Mandatory meetings two (2) Saturdays a month to provide students with study skills training, special programs with guest speakers and field trips to cultural events and college campuses.
  • A mandatory six week component called Summer Mini-College where students will take courses, get to walk through college enrollment procedures and be counseled in completing college financial aid applications.


Participants will be eligible to receive a small stipend for participating in program activities. Each student may receive up to $250.00 per year if they attend at least 90% percent of, but not limited to the following:

  • Weekly Tutorial Sessions
  • Monthly Counseling Appointments
  • Monthly Saturday Activities

Summer school participants may receive up to $60.00 per month with similar guidelines for the six week period. Students are required to attend all Upward Bound activities including the six-week summer session. Excessive absences will result in dismissal from the program.