Information Technology Students at
Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) is part of a consortium called The Oklahoma Center for Information Assurance and Forensics Education (OCIAFE). It's a partnership representing the State's CareerTech centers, four community colleges, and 4-year level education. The University of Tulsa is the primary training center for the group and is a recognized national leader in cyber security education. The consortium received a $3 million dollar National Science Foundation grant that allows the development of the new program in Oklahoma.

The major goals of the OCIAFE are to:

  1. develop and disseminate information assurance and forensic curriculum regionally and nationally
  2. Provide professional development training and technical support to Oklahoma technology centers, community colleges, and like entities from bordering states
  3. Design and implement workforce development programs that contribute to economic development and the national homeland security effort

OCCC will be receiving approximately $110,000 a year for 4 years to develop our program at the college. The money will be used for curriculum development, equipment and software, faculty training, advertisement, and travel to mandatory conferences, etc. We are encouraged to partner with other schools (both in and out of state) to offer training and information to allow an outreach, to maximize the effectiveness of the money spent, and to better protect our nation from cyber attacks against our computer and data resources and to prevent computer crimes. We hope to provide information assurance and forensics development opportunities to business and industry and also to state and local government. The plan is to eventually try to develop internships for students to get hands-on experience as well.

The OCIAFE has designed a set of core courses that include:

  1. Principals of Information Assurance
  2. Network and Operating System Security
  3. Secure Electronic Commerce
  4. Enterprise Security Management
  5. Computer and Network (Cyber) Forensics

The classes are designed to prepare an individual for Security specific National certifications and also to make an individual more attractive to businesses and public entities that are hiring computer personnel. We are offering 3 of the 5 core courses this spring semester for those that might be interested in this exciting new area of computer related training. A background check may be required before a student can graduate with this degree plan. Please see an advisor within the Information Technology Division if you would like more information about the new program.