International Faculty

Dr. Sergey Moskalionov

Dr. Sergey Moskalionov

Associate Professor
Ulyanovsk State University, Fulbright Scholar 2001-2002
Moscow Russia

Bio Information:

Born in Karsun (Ulyanovsk Region), Russia, in 1972. Graduated with honor from Moscow State University, Branch in Ulyanovsk, economic department, in 1994. Studied economics (obtained certificate in economics) at Tilburg University, Netherlands, 1994. Candidate of Sciences (Russian variant of PhD) degree in political economy awarded by Saratov State University in 1999.

Served as a consultant to the Administration of Ulyanovsk Region in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006. Fulbright Scholar 2001-2002 academic year.

Ulyanovsk State University is located in the west central Russian city of Ulyanovsk (population 638,000.) The university has 15,751 students and 1,398 faculty members with 68 degree specialties.

Research Interests:

General equilibrium, dynamic general equilibrium models; consumer' surplus; measurement of the individual and social welfare; aggregation theory; optimal taxation; public goods modeling; business ethics.

Teaching experience:

Teacher assistant, Moscow State University, Branch in Ulyanovsk ; later - Ulyanovsk State University (1994-1999) Assistant professor, Ulyanovsk State University (1999-2002) Associate professor, Ulyanovsk State University (2002-now); Professor of business and economics, Murray State College, Oklahoma City Community College, USA, (2001-2002)


About 30 papers in Russian and English language published on topics in mathematical economics, business ethics, demand theory, transition economics, and political economy of transition.

List of Scientific Publications