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Online Training

Image of studentAll students are required to complete an online training titled, Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence:  Title IX, VAWA, Clery Act for Students and Student Employees. 

OCCC has the obligation and the jurisdiction to respond to, investigate reports of, and prevent harassment and violence, including gender motivated discrimination and acts of harassment that implicate Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, the Violence against Women Act, or the Clery Act.  In addition to introducing you to these important concepts and processes in place here at OCCC, the training provides guidance for student bystanders and resources for reporting and resolving sexual violence.

All enrolled students may access the training by clicking on this link:  https://slate.workplaceanswers.com/otriplec and providing your OCCC portal sign on.  Alternatively, within a short time after enrollment at OCCC, students will receive an email from our online discrimination and harassment prevention training vendor, Workplace Answers eLearning, which will contain a link to the online training in the “Slate Course Delivery System.”  Students will also find a convenient link to the training in the “My Bookmarks” bar of the Student Portal.  Click on “Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment Training” to get to Slate screen. There you will log in with your OCCC portal sign on.  

If you have questions about the training material, feel free to contact Cary Pirrong, Director of Equity and Compliance, cary.m.pirrong@occc.edu, 405-682-7850.